Oil Rubbed Bronze Sash Restrictor - set of 5
Oil Rubbed Bronze Sash Restrictor - set of 5
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15mm Oil Rubbed Bronze Sash Restrictors

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Double Hung Sash Restrictor with Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. 

A sash window restrictor or “sash stop” is designed to secure your window and restrict access, while still allowing air ventilation into your room. Sash restrictors are a major deterrent to thieves and other unwanted intruders. 

Operation: The provided key unlocks the restrictor barrel and allows it to protrude out to the open position thus stopping the sash, or fully retract into the main plug to the closed position to allow the sash to slide past.

  • Heavy-duty security and restrictor stop
  • Pack will secure between 2 and 5 window sashes, depending on desired installation
  • Child proof: requires a key to open and close
  • Suggested installation restricts sash opening to 100mm, acting as a night vent and allowing piece of mind that the window cannot be opened from outside when asleep.

Quantities of 5: $12.99/each
Choose 10 and pay only $12.02/each
Choose 20 and pay only $10.78/each