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Aetna #10 Window Sash Cord/Rope
Aetna #10 Window Sash Cord/Rope
Aetna #10 Window Sash Cord/Rope Cross Section

#10 Aetna Solid Braided Sash Cord - 100' hank

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#10 Aetna Solid Braided Sash Cord with Dura-Syn Reinforced Core

Aetna Sash Cord is a balanced, interlocked, solid braid cord used for double-hung windows that retains its smooth, round construction for excellent performance. It's polished finish is resistant to rot, mildew, and wear.

Double hung windows in your historic home may not operate properly because of broken or rotten sash cord. Replacing sash rope in your windows is an easy and cost effective way of making troublesome windows functional again.

Size No. 10 (5/16 IN) 7.94mm

100FT (33 1/2 Yds) 30.48 m
Breaking Strength: 1350 lbs
Working Load: 203 lbs - do not exceed working load

Made by Samson in Mexico. 

Sash hanging instructions: 

To determine how long your sash cord needs to be, measure the height of the entire window opening from the sill area to the top of the jamb. Add 6 inches to this height to get the needed length.