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Joinery Hardware Installation Instructions

Installing Storm Window Openers:

The Opener mounts to the storm or screen and the jamb bracket mounts to the exterior blind stop or window casing. In the open position there is a simple locking claw that props the sash open. In the closed position the opener fits compactly into the window jamb. 


    1. Jamb bracket can be installed on storm sash hung flush or to outside window casing
    2. Attach jamb bracket to blind stop set back from front 1/16” – No Higher than 12” above average sash
    3. Spring clip slides forward to fit stud for secure fastening
    4. Center nut controls friction allowed for sash operation
    5. To dismount/remove sash, slide clip backwards & lift off from stud, leaving base on blind stop and arms attached to sash
    6. Arms can be installed in either position: folding upwards or downwards
    7. To lock sash closed for security, flip closed arms in the opposite direction as they naturally hang. This will secure the sash within the casing, and lock them closed.

Installing Storm Window Hangers:

  1. Measure and mark storm window 3 5/8" from outside edge on both sides. 
  2. Mount hanging bracket to storm window by aligning inside edge of bracket with 3 5/8" mark. Be sure to pre-drill pilot holes.
  3. Fit storm window inside window casing; shim up from bottom and allow 1/16" room all the way around the storm sash for ventilation. With storm shimmed in place, use hangers to mark where hooks should be attached to upper window casing.
  4. Drill pilot holes. Attach Storm Window Hooks to window casing securely.
  5. Hang storm hangers from attached storm hooks; storm window should hang flush within window casing. 

Installing Sash Restrictors: 

A sash window restrictor or “sash stop” is designed to secure your window and restrict access, while still allowing air ventilation into your room. Sash restrictors are a major deterrent to thieves and other unwanted intruders. 

Consideration should be given before fitting to Egress windows.

  1. IMPORTANT! Close and lock sash before starting installation.
    Measure 100mm (4 inches) up from the top of the lower sash and mark this place on the window frame. 
  2. Drill a 15mm hole 25mm deep on the marked positions on the top sash.
  3. Deactivate Sash Restrictor Lock using the Key provided. Screw a Restrictor into the holes on both sides of the top sash. 
  4. Activate Sash Restrictor lock using the Key provided and lower the sash. Install the Strike Plate where Restrictor Lock meets the meeting rail using the screws provided.
  5. Once properly installed, verify device operates correctly and window opening cannot exceed 100mm.